The growth in the number of international travel has grown a lot in recent years. This has been reported as a risk factor for acquisition of illnesses depending on how long and to what extent the planet the traveler moves and creates a group of people with particular risks.

The care of the travelers ' health is an area of particular medical interest. The number of travelers in Brazil has also grown significantly. This growth occurs not only for tourism but also for commercial, military or humanitarian interests.

The traveller will find a doctor or clinic that specializes in preference to 6 8 weeks prior to travel for advice and assessment of specific risks. In the State of São Paulo, approximately 70% of cases of malaria are purchased by people who went or came of these endemic areas for the reasons cited. In about 10% of cases, malaria was acquired in other countries.


Instituto de Infectologia Emílio Ribas
The Instituto de Infectologia Emílio Ribas, inaugurated on 26 May 2000 the first service to travellers in the State of São Paulo, the core of the traveler's Medicine. The core objective is to minimize the risk of illness during travel, perform early the diagnosis and establish the proper treatment immediately in front of the diseases that may arise as a result of the trip.

The core has an outpatient structure and a Center for immunizations for the travelers, in addition to the rear if necessary of ER and hospitalization.

How to contact the core: via phone 0XX11-3061-5633 Ext 287

The service is done on Tuesdays of 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Travellers ' clinic
Immunization Center-Hospital das Clínicas
In January 2001, the Sucen and infectious and parasitic diseases clinic of the Hospital das Clínicas of FMUSP in São Paulo, inaugurated the travellers ' Clinic.

This clinic has for objectives to guide people before travelling on measures relating to the prevention and care in infectious diseases, specific to the location you want to travel, as well as perform the treatment of infectious diseases acquired during travel.

This service also wants to train specialists in this specific area and provide training for students as well as develop specific research projects. How to contact the outpatient clinic of travelers:

Via phone: 0 (XX) 11-3069-6392

Location: Building of Clinics: Av. Dr. Enéas de Carvalho Aguiar, Cerqueira César-São Paulo-capital

Open from 8:00 to 16:00. Emergency 12:00 am.


Country Application
Afghanistan The
South Africa (B)
Albania (B)
Algeria (B)
Angola (B)
Antigua and Barbuda (B)
Antilles G
Saudi Arabia The
Australia (C)
Bahamas (B)
Bangladesh The *
Barbados (B)
Belize The
Benin And
Bolivia A, F *
Brazil D *
Brunei (C)
Burkina Faso (B)
Burundi (B)
Bhutan (B)
Cape Verde (B) *
Cameroon (B)
Cambodia The
Kazakhstan The
Chad And
China The
Singapore (C)
Colombia F *
Congo And
Ivory Coast And
Djibouti (B)
Egypt (B) *
Ecuador (B)
El Salvador G
Eritrea And
Ethiopia (B)
Fiji (B)
Filipino (C)
Gabon And
Gambia (B)
Ghana H
Granada (B)
Greece G
Guadalupe (B)
Guatemala (B)
Guyana The *
French Guiana And
Guinea (B)
Guinea-Bissau (B) *
Equatorial Guinea The
Haiti The
Honduras The
Yemen (B)
Maldives Islands The
Mauritius (B)
Solomon Islands The
India I *
Indonesia The
Iraq The
Jamaica (B)
Jordan (B)
Kiribati (B)
Laos The
Lesotho The
Lebanon The
Liberia And
Libya (B)
Madagascar (I)
Malaysia (B)
Malawi The
Mali And
Malta (D)
Martinique (B)
Mauritania J
Mexico G
Myanmar (B)
Mozambique (B)
Namibia (B) *
Nauru (B)
Nepal The
Nicaragua (B)
Niger And
Nigeria (B)
Niue (B)
New Caledonia (B)
Oman The
Pakistan G *
Panama F *
Papua New Guinea (B)
Paraguay The *
Peru G, F *
Pitcairn (C)
French Polynesia (B)
Portugal (Azores and Madeira Island only) (B)
Kenya (B)
Meeting (B)
Rwanda And
Samoa (B)
American Samoa (B)
St. Helena (B)
St. Kits and Navis (B)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (B)
São Tomé and Príncipe (B)
Senegal The
Sierra Leone The
Seychelles (C)
Syria The
Somalia The
Sri Lanka (B)
Sudan The
Suriname The
Swaziland The
Thailand (B)
Tanzania (B)
Togo And
Tonga (B)
Trinidad and Tobago The
Tunisia (B)
Turkmenistan The
Uganda (B)
Viet Nam (B)
Zaire (B)

* See the World Health Organization for additional details about this country's requirements.
The, travelers coming to the country from an infected area;
B, travelers with more than one year of age coming to the country from an infected area;
C, travelers with one year of age arriving to the country after 6 days of travel (see World Health Organization for details) in infected country;
D, travelers with over 9 months of age coming to the country from the infected area;
And travelers with more than one year of age arriving to the country;
F, travelers heading to specific sections of the country;
G, travelers with more than 6 months of age arriving from infected area coming to the country;
H, all travelers arriving in the country;
I, travelers who have passed through infected country ouy State;
J, Ditto and, except travellers arriving from infected countries and staying for more than 2 weeks.

Modifcado of World Health Organization International Travel and Health Advice. Geneva, World Health Organization, 1997.

Source: SUCEN-2000-2001